Ayurvedic Yoga Massage


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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a sequential floor based, deep tissue relaxing, beneficial treatment of supported & assisted stretches 

using sesame oil & detoxing, purifying, calamus root powder. 

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More nurturing than it’s ‘cousin’ Thai massage, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is performed on a comfortable mat.

During the flow of the session the body is respectfully realigned in a methodical manner, synchronising with breathing to improve respiratory patterns. The massage works through a full range of assisted stretches that would be difficult to attain through personal movement or exercise alone, and encourages correct posture.

Giving a powerful mind/body experience this deep tissue massage dissolves physical tension and emotional blocks, manifesting as a profound sense of calm, release and relaxation along with an incredible stimulation of energy flow and physical and mental well being.

Ayurvedia is the ‘sister science’ of yoga. AYM uses dosha balancing oils (primarily sesame oil) and detoxifying powders (typically A. calamus) for their detoxifying and healing properties.


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How AYM began

The founder of AYM is Master Kusum Modak, an octogenarian Ayurvedic Massage
Practitioner from Pune, India and a direct student of Iyenger and Osho. Combining her knowledge of Ayurveda and Traditional Ayurvedic Massage with Yoga Kusum has create her own unique approach to Ayurvedic massage , dedicating more than half of her life to perfecting the study, practice and the tuition of AYM.

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an in depth interview with Kusum

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