Ayurvedic Yoga Massage


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Who can benefit?  


  • Yogis wishing to increase their range of movement 
  • People with sports injuries who wish to retain flexibility
  • Folks finding their movement is decreasing with age. 
  • Any tight muscled gym devotees
  • Anyone who wishes to rebalance
  • Asthmatics with a history of chest tightness.
  • New Mums needing to relax.
  • Cleansing, detoxifying of fasting people.
  • Office workers or those holding lengthy static positions.
  • Manual workers using repetitive movement risking RSI
  • Singers, Speakers, Actors etc. needing clarity of voice.
  • Fashionistas, prolonged wearers of high heels.
  • Frequent long distance drivers or flyers.
  • Those with tight legs, arms, hands… …heads, shoulders, knees and toes!

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“With each exhalation, I could feel the tension melt” 

Dan – Now with more muscle flexibility


assisted tricep stretch

What is Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM)

AYM is typically a sequential, deep tissue, floor based oil massage encouraging an increase in your natural range of movement, stretching in a nurturing manner whilst coordinating with your breathing. The addition of the detoxifying calamus root powder helps to warm, relax and detoxify the muscles allowing you to relax deeply into each assisted stretch.


Traditionally the massage is performed naked but you can wear briefs or a bikini (one that you do not mind getting oily) if you wish.. Appropriate, respectful draping is used at all times.

The full AYM is a full body treatment (including facial and abdominal massage) that can be covered in 2 hours. Using every treatment move would take up to 4 hours, especially if certain body areas have deep held tension and issues, but can be shortened to 90 minutes to focus on specific areas. 

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Why it works

The supported assisted stretching opens the body and increases flexibility of the joints and muscles aiding realignment. The coordinated breathing can assist in increasing lung capacity. Deep held tension can be psychological and due to the deep relaxation created during an AYM session it can bring about emotional release, creating a sublime inner calmness, rebalancing the body and releasing previously unrealised stresses and tensions.

AYM uses sesame oil and Acorus calamus powder (aka 'sweet flag root' or 'vacha') which is classed as a Sattvic (purifying) herb in Ayurvedic medicine and professed to purify blood, tissues and organs in addition to boosting circulation and enhancing detoxification.

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